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Company History

A look at some of the major events in the history of Christopher Trucks


May 2 , 1951  – Mack Christopher Sr. purchases the White Truck Dealership from Judd Moore on Poinsett Highway in Greenville, S.C.

1953 – Mac Christopher Jr. joins his father at Christopher Trucks.

1961 – Christopher Trucks moves to our current location at the Intersection of I-85 and US  25.

1974 – Freightliner, being distributed through White Motor terminates its agreement with White  Motor to become a free standing manufacture and distributor.

1974 – Christopher Trucks is awarded a Freightliner franchise, making Christopher Trucks one of the oldest family owned Freightliner franchise in the nation.

1981 – Volvo purchases the bankrupt White Motor to become Volvo White.

1981 – Daimler Benz purchases Freightliner Corporation.

1985 – 3rd generation Scott Christopher joins Christopher Trucks.

1987 – Christopher Trucks purchases the Isuzu Commercial Vehicle franchise from Fairway Ford.

1988 – Volvo and General Motors merge to become Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corporation.

1993 – Christopher Trucks is purchased by Scott Christopher.

1994 – Christopher Trucks sells the Volvo GM Heavy Truck franchise.

2001 – Christopher Trucks is awarded the Sprinter Vans franchise

2007 – Christopher Truck Sales purchases Greenville Sterling Western Star and moves it to our current Piedmont, S.C. location.

2016 – 4th generation Stuart Christopher joins Christopher Trucks Sales

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